Torc - Unterschwein
Do not be indifferent to our inheritance, our country, our families, our descendants. Each of us is the holder of European uniqueness !!!
Torc - Soumrak
There are places and situations that keep us in their remarkable uniqueness in memories for years, sometimes even for life. The experience enhanced by the current mental mood or mood leaves us with a wide range of specific sensations such as scents or incredible details that surround us at any given moment.
Torc - V šeru
Lyrics are inspired by the book Sukkwan Island written by David Vann. It’s about escape of father and his son into the true wilderness. The father tries to get over failed marriage and gets rid of psychological dependence of his wife. However, he fails and tragically loses his son.
Torc - Nákaza
Decimated, annoyed, hoodwinked society. Reality and real threats raped, twisted, taboo or the best – completely concealment. Today´s generation willingly deceive themselves of ingorance, convenience or hipocrisy.
Torc - Zaváté osudy
Never ending footprints passing sand dunes and fading on heat wafting waved horizon. The sun brings hope and death. Biting our bodies, glowing the tank turrets, gun barrel and our blood.
Torc - Interview of the program Inclubátor (24.11.2016)
Už kvůli těm, kdo neměli možnost přímé vysílání poslouchat, jsme se nakonec rozhodli doplnit nahrávku sérií fotografií, videí a celý kompakt uveřejnit. Upozorňujeme, že v samotném závěru zazní skladba Nákaza z připravovaného split CD Dual !!!
Torc - Ztraceni v sobě (official video)
Ztraceni v sobě (Lost in ourselves). How far a man came in pursuit of his often contemptible life priorities.
Torc - Prodaní (official video)
The chosen ones, the untouchable ones, the elusive ones. The superior caste that meanly despises, abuses and sucks! From their political Olympus, haughtily sidelong looking down at our destinies and lives, without the ability of imagining our weight of life.
Torc - Divize duchů (official video)
The rumble! The closer hardly specifiable sound expands, grows. The rumble, as if the gates of Hell itself opened, grows and you know that the death is coming.
Torc - Apel (Live @ Fatal Flesh Fest vol. 12)
Torc - Cesta (Live @ Fatal Flesh Fest vol. 12)
Torc - Co neslyšíme (Live @ Tour 2014)
Torc - Co neslyšíme (Live @ Favál)
Torc - Co neslyšíme
Torc - Divize duchů (Live @ Sídhe Fest vol. I)
Gulage Drumcam - Torc (Live @ Tour 2014)
Torc - Imbas (Live @ Tour 2014)
Torc - Imbas (Live @ Fatal Flesh Fest vol. 12)
Torc - Jako motýl (Live @ Fatal Flesh Fest vol. 12)
Torc - Prodaní (New Song Live @ Hell Fast Attack vol. 8)
Torc - Vpřed!!! (Live @ Fatal Flesh Fest vol. 12)