Intolerant tour 2018 19.8.2018
Intolerant tour 2018!!! This year we are also going to the traditional three stops alongside our domestic convoys Sekhmet and Bloody Obsession. Headline is this time Italian Apocryphal!!! Do not miss this unique set, you will not regret!!!
Ceramic coaster 21.2.2018
Friends and fans, our merchandise is expanding these days with another exclusive item. It is a ceramic coaster with the Torc sign. The product is handmade, so each piece is a unique original.
Price 100,- CZK
Sleeve tape 15.12.2017
With the advent of cool months, we add a new piece of news to our merchandise, with which you can continue to visibly express our band's support at a time when most t-shirts and sweatshirts are hidden under the jackets.

The sleeve tape is designed to be stitched on the left sleeve of your overcoat, ideally horizontally 14,5cm from its bottom edge.
This will create undoubtedly an effective and stylish accessory for your winter clothing.
Price 150,- CZK
Intolerant tour 2017 19.11.2017
Second Intolerant tour is the past. This year's three-concert series, including stops in Brno, Karviná and Ústí nad Orlicí, was overtaken by the speed of lightning and we have nothing to say but great thanks to all participating bands, our friends on the music field and also in private, and especially to all the amazing people who supported us in our campaign by participation. We thank you all and we look forward to next year.

Intolerant tour 2017 8.10.2017
After one year Intolerant tour returns to three Czech cities!!! Three related bands Sekhmet, Bloody Obsession, Torc are on the march symbolizing order instead of chaos and sun in the time of darkness!!! Do not be careless and support every this action by your participation. COUNTRY, FAMILY, ORIGINS, BLOOD!!!
New T-shirts TORC 11.9.2017
The new Torc T-shirt collection is here! Higher graphic difficulty and choice of better fabric (B & C collection) increased the price, but the result is undoubtedly worth it! The untraditional and original concept is our principle that we are trying to keep. Available on all our concerts or on order via: Shop
Torc - Unterschwein 4.8.2017
The arrogant, wannabe Samaritan, but incomprehensible and manipulated, non-negligible part of the European population is currently building on its own humility and degrading and hurting its own roots in an abusively pathetic way. Many European countries, in pursuit of the golden grace of multiculturalism, tolerance and tolerance, lost their faces, charm and relative security for good. Like puppets, they are driven one by one into the flames of their own cities, at the brink of civil war, the rights of their indigenous peoples are trampled, they are snatched, insulted and impotently threatened. Their magnitude and history is being overwhelmed by total disrespect and contempt. It happens in the silent and cowardly nodding of their own governments !!! Propaganda and brainwashing today work better than ever before, which faithfully illustrates the picture of the current situation. The destabilization of Europe is just another step in the eternal struggle for power, and the nations that succumb to it or betray itself, are condemned to extinction. Everything that is happening today suggests this. Unterschwein tries to point out all this. Do not be indifferent to our inheritance, our country, our families, our descendants. Each of us is the holder of European uniqueness !!!

EP can be ordered here: Shop
Torc - Soumrak 25.6.2017
There are places and situations that keep us in their remarkable uniqueness in memories for years, sometimes even for life. The experience enhanced by the current mental mood or mood leaves us with a wide range of specific sensations such as scents or incredible details that surround us at any given moment. "Soumrak" is a kind of brief look behind one life and a melancholy memory of those strange years of adolescence and the formation of the personality of the person that the story really represents to us.

EP can be ordered here: Shop
Torc - V šeru 6.4.2017
Lyrics are inspired by the book Sukkwan Island written by David Vann. It’s about escape of father and his son into the true wilderness. The father tries to get over failed marriage and gets rid of psychological dependence of his wife. However, he fails and tragically loses his son.

EP can be ordered here: Shop