Morion, Chucky, and Samoht set up Torc. Within a few weeks, drummer Gulage and later the second guitarist Jacob join the group.
The year is fulfilled with concert activities, and especially with the preparation of Torc debut, and its promotion on the UG scene. The beginnings of cooperation with Sídhe production.
Recording the debut album "Tóny Annwnu". Parting from Sídhe prod. and complications with the release of the debut album. At the end of the year, guitarist Jacob leaves the band. There is also reached the agreement with Murderous prod.
The album "Tóny Annwnu" is released. Torc appears on TV Rebel, provides an interview for Radio 1, publishes its first music videos, co-organizes and takes part in the Intolerant tour and works hard on a new material.
EP "Vzpomínky na slunce" is released. Torc gains a complete picture of the next album concept, and is starting to try its fulfillment. For the first time, we also get to the concerts abroad, as the part of Mrtví se vracajú tour, and we also take part in the second year of Intolerant tour.
The cofounder of death metal band Symbolic Immortality, later called Gudlos, with whom he later released the demo named Flames of Freedom. The band Ogmias was then founded by the members of Gudlos, and he released three albums with them.
He appeared as a guest singing a background vocal on the first album SEZARBIL, on the demo Heiden and in several other projects.
After the breakup of Ogmias and a long period of inactivity, he appears in public between 2010 and 2012 as a vocalist of SEZARBIL.
Since the beginning of 2013 he is one of the three founding members of TORC.
His beginnings in rock, blues and big beat bands didn´t give clues where he is exactly heading. So the first real kick for him was coming to Brno SVARDENVYRD and forming the metalcore band INFINITE DARK. During this period he also worked in the revival band BLACK SABBATH for some time, but his activity in all these groups ended because of various reasons a few years later.

After INFINITE DARK the demo Burning Children was published at their own expense in 2008.

His journey then led to Brno SEZARBIL and in Bučovice to the crossover SCRAP HEAP, who were later renamed NEVER AGAIN, and under this name dabbled in the waters of deathcore. At the same time he tried the post of a bass player in a grunge rabble DOGROSE LADY. In 2009 the album of SEZARBIL called Dark God was released by Murderous Production, however, at the time of a release preparation of the album The Fall of the World he leaves SEZARBIL.

After a few months of silence, when he doesn´t play anywhere, he joins INFERNO in Karvina and shortly afterwards founds TORC.
Since the end of 2007 until 2012 a member of the black metal band SEZARBIL. During his cooperation with SEZARBIL he participated in the recording of two albums: Dark God (2009) and The Fall of the World (2012). The later one was never officially released. One of the three founding members of the band TORC.
The cofounder of grind band Syphilitic Vaginal where he participates from its formation (2010) as a drummer. In the second half of February 2013 is asked for cooperation by the founding members of Torc. He agrees and becomes the next still member of the band.